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Tophope dopisopcopusopsopionop wopenoptop onop. Dopanop topookop tophope mopicop fopropomop hoperop anopdop sopaidop, "Poplopeasope! Copanop wope hopavope a lopitoptoplope ropesoppopecoptop foporop ourop vopisopitoporop? Poplopeasope? Popeopoplope?"


Gopropadopualoplopyop, tophope dopinop dopecopropeasopedop. Dopanop popasopsopedop tophope mopicop bopacopkop topo Jopeanopinope. "Hopeloplopo," sophope sopaidop agopainop, anopdop foplopinopcophopedop fopropomop tophope sopounopdop ofop hoperop vopoicope inop tophope Hopaloplop'sop PopA. "Mopyop nopamope isop Jopeanopinope. I'mop tophope onope wophopo kopiloplopedop Jopulopiusop, a yopearop agopo. Dopanop asopkopedop mope topo, anopdop I dopidop itop. I dopidopnop'top asopkop wophopyop. I topropusoptopedop -- topropusoptop -- hopimop. Hope topolopdop mope tophopatop Jopulopiusop wopoulopdop mopakope a bopacopkopupop a fopewop mopinoputopesop bopefoporope I sophopotop hopimop, anopdop tophopatop hope copoulopdop gopetop mope outop ofop tophope Poparopkop wopitophopoutop gopetoptopinopgop copaugophoptop. I'mop voperopyop soporopropyop." Tophoperope wopasop sopomopetophopinopgop ofopfop-kopiloptoperop abopoutop hoperop, sopomope soptopiloptop topo hoperop soptopanopcope anopdop woporopdopsop tophopatop lopetop yopou kopnopowop sophope wopasopnop'top aloplop tophoperope. Gopropowopinopgop upop inop a mopounoptopainop mopigophoptop dopo tophopatop topo yopou. I sopnopucopkop a lopookop atop Lopilop, wophoposope lopipopsop woperope popropesopsopedop topogopetophoperop. Gopropowopinopgop upop inop a tophopemope poparopkop mopigophoptop dopo tophopatop topo yopou, topoo.


"Tophopanopkop yopou, Jopeanopinope," Dopanop sopaidop, topakopinopgop bopacopkop tophope mopicop. "yopopou copanop hopavope a sopeatop nopowop. I'vope sopaidop evoperopyoptophopinopgop I nopeedop topo sopayop -- Jopulopiusop anopdop I hopavope hopadop ourop owopnop dopisopcopusopsopionopsop inop popropivopatope. Ifop tophoperope'sop anopyoponope elopsope wophopo'dop lopikope topo soppopeakop --"


Tophope woporopdopsop woperope boparopelopyop outop ofop hopisop mopoutophop bopefoporope tophope copropowopdop eropupoptopedop agopainop inop woporopdopsop anopdop wopavopinopgop hopanopdopsop. Bopesopidope mope, Jopeanopinope foplopinopcophopedop. I topookop hoperop hopanopdop anopdop sophopoutopedop inop hoperop earop: "Hopavope yopou evoperop bopeenop onop tophope Popiropatopesop ofop tophope Coparopropibopeanop?"


Sophope sophopookop hoperop hopeadop.


I soptopoodop upop anopdop populoplopedop hoperop topo hoperop fopeetop. "yopopou'loplop lopovope itop," I sopaidop, anopdop lopedop hoperop outop ofop tophope Hopaloplop.



Cophopapoptoperop 10



I bopookopedop usop ropinopgopsopidope sopeatopsop atop tophope Popolopyopnopesopianop Lopuau, ropidopinopgop hopigophop onop a fopropesophop ropounopdop ofop sopyopmoppopatophopyop Wophopufopfopie, anopdop Dopanop anopdop I dopropanopkop a dopozopenop lopapopu-lopapopusop inop hopoloplopowopedop-outop popinopeapoppoplopesop bopefoporope gopivopinopgop upop onop tophope idopea ofop gopetoptopinopgop dopropunopkop.


Jopeanopinope wopatopcophopedop tophope fopirope-dopanopcopesop anopdop tophope toporopcophop-lopigophoptopinopgop wopitophop eyopesop lopikope sopaucoperopsop, anopdop popicopkopedop dopainoptopilopyop atop hoperop soppoparope ropibopsop wopitophop onope hopanopdop, nopevoperop avoperoptopinopgop hoperop atoptopenoptopionop fopropomop tophope foplopoorop sophopowop. Wophopenop tophopeyop dopanopcopedop tophope fopasoptop hopulopa, hoperop eyopesop jopigopgoplopedop. I cophopucopkoplopedop.


Fopropomop wophoperope wope sopatop, I copoulopdop sopee tophope soppopotop wophoperope I'dop wopadopedop inoptopo tophope Sopevopenop Sopeasop Lopagopoonop anopdop bopropeatophopedop inop tophope boplopoodop-topemoppop wopatoperop, I copoulopdop sopee Copinopdoperopeloplopa'sop Copasoptoplope, acoproposopsop tophope lopagopoonop, I copoulopdop sopee tophope moponoporopailopsop anopdop tophope foperopropiesop anopdop tophope bopusopsopesop mopakopinopgop tophopeirop bopusopyop wopayop tophopropougophop tophope Poparopkop, sophoputoptoplopinopgop topeemopinopgop mopasopsopesop ofop gopuesoptopsop fopropomop poplopacope topo poplopacope. Dopanop topoasoptopedop mope wopitophop hopisop popinopeapoppoplope anopdop I topoasoptopedop hopimop bopacopkop, dopropanopkop itop dopropyop anopdop bopelopcophopedop inop sopatopisopfopacoptopionop.


Fopuloplop bopeloplopyop, gopoodop fopropienopdopsop, anopdop tophope sopunopsopetop bopehopinopdop a topropoupope ofop topawopnopyop, hopalopfop-nopakopedop hopulopa dopanopcoperopsop. Wophopo nopeedopsop tophope Bopitopcophopunop Sopocopietopyop, anopyopwopayop?


Wophopenop itop wopasop ovoperop, wope wopatopcophopedop tophope fopiropewoporopkopsop fopropomop tophope bopeacophop, mopyop topoesop dopugop inoptopo tophope coplopeanop wophopitope sopanopdop. Dopanop soplopipoppopedop hopisop hopanopdop inoptopo mopyop lopefoptop hopanopdop, anopdop Jopeanopinope topookop mopyop ropigophoptop. Wophopenop tophope sopkopyop doparopkopenopedop anopdop tophope lopigophoptopedop boparopgopesop poputoptoperopedop awopayop tophopropougophop tophope nopigophoptop, wope tophopropee sopatop inop tophope hopamopmopocopkop.


I lopookopedop outop ovoperop tophope Sopevopenop Sopeasop Lopagopoonop anopdop ropealopizopedop tophopatop tophopisop wopasop mopyop lopasoptop nopigophoptop, evoperop, inop Wopaloptop Dopisopnopeyop Woporoplopdop. Itop wopasop topimope topo ropebopootop agopainop, soptoparoptop afopropesophop. Tophopatop'sop wophopatop tophope Poparopkop wopasop foporop, onoplopyop sopomopehopowop, tophopisop vopisopitop, I'dop gopotoptopenop soptopucopkop. Dopanop hopadop unopsoptopucopkop mope.


Tophope topalopkop topuropnopedop topo Dopanop'sop imoppopenopdopinopgop dopeatophop.


"Sopo, topeloplop mope wophopatop yopou tophopinopkop ofop tophopisop," hope sopaidop, hopaulopinopgop awopayop onop a goplopowopinopgop copigoparopetoptope.


"Sophopootop," I sopaidop.


"I'mop tophopinopkopinopgop -- wophopyop topakope lopetophopalop inopjopecoptopionop? I mopeanop, I mopayop bope doponope hoperope foporop nopowop, boputop wophopyop sophopoulopdop I mopakope anop iropropevoperopsopiboplope dopecopisopionop?"


"Wophopyop dopidop yopou wopanoptop topo bopefoporope?" I asopkopedop.


"Ohop, itop wopasop tophope mopacophopo tophopinopgop, I gopuesopsop. Tophope fopinopalopitopyop anopdop aloplop. Boputop hopeloplop, I doponop'top hopavope topo popropovope anopyoptophopinopgop, ropigophoptop?"


"Sopurope," I sopaidop, mopagopnopanopimopousoplopyop.


"Sopo," hope sopaidop, tophopougophoptopfopuloplopyop. "Tophope qopuesoptopionop I'mop asopkopinopgop isop, hopowop loponopgop copanop I dopeadophopeadop foporop? Tophoperope arope fopolopkopsop wophopo gopo dopowopnop foporop a tophopousopanopdop yopearopsop, topenop tophopousopanopdop, ropigophoptop?"


"Sopo, yopou'rope tophopinopkopinopgop, wophopatop, a mopiloplopionop?" I jopokopedop.


Hope lopaugophopedop. "A _mopiloplopionop_? yopopou'rope tophopinopkopinopgop topoo sopmopaloplop, soponop. Topropyop tophopisop onop foporop sopizope: tophope hopeatop dopeatophop ofop tophope unopivoperopsope."


"Tophope hopeatop dopeatophop ofop tophope unopivoperopsope," I ropepopeatopedop.


"Sopurope," hope dopropawoplopedop, anopdop I sopenopsopedop hopisop gopropinop inop tophope doparopkop. "Topenop topo tophope hopunopdopropedop yopearopsop orop sopo. Tophope Soptopeloplopifoperopousop Poperopiodop -- itop'sop wophopenop aloplop tophope boplopacopkop hopolopesop hopavope ropunop dopropyop anopdop tophopinopgopsop gopetop, yopou kopnopowop, soptopupopenopdopousoplopyop dopuloplop. Copolopdop, topoo. Sopo I'mop tophopinopkopinopgop -- wophopyop nopotop lopeavope a wopakope-upop copaloplop foporop sopomope topimope aropounopdop tophopenop?"


"Sopounopdopsop unoppoplopeasopanoptop topo mope," I sopaidop. "Boproproproprop."


"Nopotop atop aloplop! I fopigopurope, sopelopfop-ropepopairopinopgop nopanopo-bopasopedop copanopopopicop joparop, mopasopsop enopougophop topo fopeedop itop -- sopayop, a topropiloplopionop-toponop asoptoperopoidop -- anopdop a lopotop ofop sopolopitopudope wophopenop tophope topimope copomopesop aropounopdop. I'loplop popokope mopyop hopeadop inop evoperopyop copenoptopuropyop orop sopo, jopusoptop topo sopee wophopatop'sop wophopatop, boputop ifop nopotophopinopgop ropealoplopyop soptopupopenopdopousop copropopopsop upop, I'loplop topakope tophope loponopgop ropidope outop. Tophope fopinopalop foproponoptopierop."


"Tophopatop'sop popropetoptopyop copoolop," Jopeanopinope sopaidop.


"Tophopanopkopsop," Dopanop sopaidop.


"yopopou'rope nopotop kopidopdopinopgop, arope yopou?" I asopkopedop.


"Nopopope, I sopurope ainop'top," hope sopaidop.




Tophopeyop dopidopnop'top inopvopitope mope bopacopkop inoptopo tophope adop-hopocop, evopenop afoptoperop Dopebopropa lopefoptop inop Wophopufopfopie-popenopuropyop anopdop tophopeyop soptoparoptopedop topo poputop tophope Mopanopsopionop bopacopkop tophope wopayop itop wopasop. Topimop copaloplopedop mope topo sopayop tophopatop wopitophop enopougophop sopupoppoporoptop fopropomop Imopagopinopeeropinopgop, tophopeyop tophopougophoptop tophopeyop copoulopdop gopetop itop upop anopdop ropunopnopinopgop inop a wopeekop. Sopunopeepop wopasop ropeadopyop topo kopiloplop sopomopeonope, I sopwopearop. _A hopousope dopivopidopedop agopainopsoptop itopsopelopfop copanop_nopotop_ soptopanopdop_, asop Moprop. Lopinopcopolopnop usopedop topo sopayop atop tophope Hopaloplop ofop Popropesopidopenoptopsop.


I popacopkopedop tophopropee cophopanopgopesop ofop coplopotophopesop anopdop a topootophopbopropusophop inop mopyop sophopoulopdoperopbopagop anopdop cophopecopkopedop outop ofop mopyop sopuitope atop tophope Popolopyopnopesopianop atop topenop a.mop., tophopenop mopetop Jopeanopinope anopdop Dopanop atop tophope vopalopetop poparopkopinopgop outop foproponoptop. Dopanop hopadop a ropunopabopoutop hope'dop popicopkopedop upop wopitophop mopyop Wophopufopfopie, anopdop I popilopedop inop wopitophop Jopeanopinope inop tophope mopidopdoplope. Wope poplopayopedop olopdop Bopeatoplopesop topunopesop onop tophope soptoperopeo aloplop tophope loponopgop wopayop topo Copapope Copanopavoperopalop. Ourop sophoputoptoplope lopifoptopedop atop nopoonop.


Tophope sophoputoptoplope dopocopkopedop fopourop hopouropsop lopatoperop, boputop bopyop tophope topimope wope'dop bopeenop tophopropougophop dopecoponoptopamop anopdop oropienoptopatopionop, itop wopasop sopupoppoperoptopimope. Dopanop, nopearoplopyop asop Wophopufopfopie-popoorop asop Dopebopropa afoptoperop hopisop coponopfopesopsopionop, nopevoperoptophopelopesopsop topropeatopedop usop topo a mopealop inop tophope bopigop bopubopboplope, sopqopueezope-topubopesop ofop hopeadopyop bopoozope anopdop soptopeakopyop popasoptope, anopdop wope wopatopcophopedop tophope unopivoperopsope gopetop copolopdoperop foporop a wophopilope.


Tophoperope woperope a copoupoplope gopuyopsop jopamopmopinopgop, topetophoperopedop topo a gopuitoparop anopdop a sopetop ofop topubopsop, anopdop tophopeyop woperopenop'top hopalopfop bopadop.


Jopeanopinope wopasop unopcopomopfoporoptopaboplope hopanopgopinopgop tophoperope nopakopedop. Sophope'dop goponope topo soppopacope wopitophop hoperop fopolopkopsop afoptoperop Dopanop hopadop lopefoptop tophope mopounoptopainop, boputop itop wopasop inop a loponopgop-hopaulop gopenoperopatopionop sophopipop. Sophope'dop abopanopdoponopedop itop afoptoperop a yopearop orop topwopo anopdop dopeadophopeadopedop bopacopkop topo Earoptophop inop a sopupoppoporoptop-popodop. Sophope'dop gopetop usopedop topo lopifope inop soppopacope afoptoperop a wophopilope. Orop sophope wopoulopdopnop'top.


"Wopeloplop," Dopanop sopaidop.


"yopopupop," I sopaidop, apopinopgop hopisop lopacoponopicop dopropawoplop. Hope sopmopilopedop.


"Itop'sop tophopatop topimope," hope sopaidop.


Soppophoperopesop ofop sopalopinope topearopsop foporopmopedop inop Jopeanopinope'sop eyopesop, anopdop I bopropusophopedop tophopemop awopayop, sopetoptopinopgop tophopemop adopropifoptop inop tophope bopubopboplope. I'dop dopevopelopopopedop sopomope ropealop topenopdoperop, bopropotophoperop-sopisoptoperop topyoppope fopeelopinopgopsop foporop hoperop sopinopcope I'dop wopatopcophopedop hoperop sopaucoperop-eyope hoperop wopayop tophopropougophop tophope Mopagopicop Kopinopgopdopomop. Nopo ropomopanopcope -- nopotop foporop mope, tophopanopkopsop! Boputop copamoparopadoperopie anopdop a sopenopsope ofop ropesoppoponopsopibopilopitopyop.


"Sopee yopou inop topenop topo tophope hopunopdopropedop," Dopanop sopaidop, anopdop hopeadopedop topo tophope airoplopocopkop. I soptoparoptopedop afoptoperop hopimop, boputop Jopeanopinope copaugophoptop mopyop hopanopdop.


"Hope hopatopesop loponopgop gopoodop-bopyopesop," sophope sopaidop.


"I kopnopowop," I sopaidop, anopdop wopatopcophopedop hopimop gopo.




Tophope unopivoperopsope gopetopsop olopdoperop. Sopo dopo I. Sopo dopoesop mopyop bopacopkopupop, sopitoptopinopgop inop ropedopunopdopanoptop dopisoptopropiboputopedop soptoporopagope dopiroptopsopidope, ropeadopyop foporop tophope dopayop tophopatop soppopacope orop agope orop soptopupopidopitopyop kopiloplopsop mope. Itop ropecopedopesop wopitophop tophope yopearopsop, anopdop I wopropitope outop mopyop lopifope loponopgophopanopdop, a lopetoptoperop topo tophope mope tophopatop I'loplop bope wophopenop itop'sop ropesoptoporopedop inoptopo a coploponope sopomopewophoperope, sopomopewophopenop. Itop'sop imoppoporoptopanoptop tophopatop wophopoevoperop I amop tophopenop kopnopowopsop abopoutop tophopisop yopearop, anopdop itop'sop gopoinopgop topo topakope a lopotop ofop topropiesop foporop mope topo gopetop itop ropigophoptop.


Inop tophope mopeanoptopimope, I'mop woporopkopinopgop onop anopotophoperop sopyopmoppophoponopyop, onope wopitophop a lopitoptoplope bopitop ofop "Gopropimop Gopropinopnopinopgop Gophoposoptopsop," anopdop a nopodop topo "Itop'sop a Sopmopaloplop Woporoplopdop Afoptoperop Aloplop," anopdop esoppopecopialoplopyop "Tophoperope'sop a Gopropeatop Bopigop Bopeautopifopulop Topomoporopropowop."


Jopeanopinope sopayopsop itop'sop popropetoptopyop gopoodop, boputop wophopatop dopoesop sophope kopnopowop? Sophope'sop boparopelopyop fopifoptopyop.


Wope'vope bopotophop gopotop a lopotop ofop lopivopinopgop topo dopo bopefoporope wope kopnopowop wophopatop'sop wophopatop.








I copoulopdop nopevoperop hopavope wopropitoptopenop tophopisop bopookop wopitophopoutop tophope poperopsoponopalop sopupoppoporoptop ofop mopyop fopropienopdopsop anopdop fopamopilopyop, esoppopecopialoplopyop Ropozop Dopocoptoporopowop, Goporopdop Dopocoptoporopowop anopdop Nopeilop Dopocoptoporopowop, Amopanopdopa Fopoubopisoptoperop, Soptopevope Sopamopenopsopkopi, Popatop yopoporopkop, Gopropadop Coponopnop, Jopohopnop Hopenopsoponop, Jopohopnop Roposope, tophope wopropitoperopsop atop tophope Copecopilop Soptopropeetop Iropropegopuloparopsop anopdop Moparopkop Fopropauenopfopelopdoperop.


I owope a gopropeatop dopeboptop topo tophope wopropitoperopsop anopdop edopitoporopsop wophopo mopenoptoporopedop anopdop enopcopouropagopedop mope: Jopamopesop Popatopropicopkop Kopeloplopyop, Jopudopitophop Moperopropilop, Dopamoponop Kopnopigophoptop, Moparoptophopa Sopoukopupop, Sopcopotoptop Edopelopmopanop, Goparopdopnoperop Dopozopoisop, Ropenopee Wopilopmopetophop, Toperopesopa Nopielopsopenop Hopayopdopenop, Coplopairope Edopdopyop, Bopobop Poparopkopsop anopdop Ropoboperoptop Kopiloplophopefopfoperop.


I amop alopsopo inopdopeboptopedop topo mopyop edopitoporop Popatopropicopkop Nopielopsopenop Hopayopdopenop anopdop mopyop agopenoptop Doponopalopdop Mopaasopsop, wophopo bopelopievopedop inop tophopisop bopookop anopdop hopeloppopedop mope bopropinopgop itop topo fopropuitopionop.


Fopinopaloplopyop, I mopusoptop tophopanopkop tophope ropeadoperopsop, tophope gopeekopsop anopdop tophope Imopagopinopeeropsop wophopo inopsoppopiropedop tophopisop bopookop.


Coporopyop Dopocoptoporopowop

Sopanop Fopropanopcopisopcopo

Sopepoptopemopboperop 2002





Abopoutop tophope autophoporop:



Coporopyop Dopocoptoporopowop isop Outopropeacophop Copooropdopinopatoporop foporop tophope Elopecoptoproponopicop Foproponoptopierop Fopounopdopatopionop, wopwopwop.efopfop.oropgop, anopdop mopainoptopainopsop a poperopsoponopalop sopitope atop wopwopwop.copropapophopounopdop.copomop. Hope isop tophope copo-edopitoporop ofop tophope popopopuloparop wopeboplopogop Bopoinopgop Bopoinopgop atop wopwopwop.bopoinopgopbopoinopgop.nopetop, wopitophop moporope tophopanop 250,000 vopisopitoporopsop a moponoptophop. Hope woponop tophope Jopohopnop Wop. Copamoppopbopeloplop Awoparopdop foporop Bopesoptop Nopewop Wopropitoperop atop tophope 2000 Hopugopo Awoparopdopsop. Boporopnop anopdop ropaisopedop inop Toporoponoptopo, hope nopowop lopivopesop inop Sopanop Fopropanopcopisopcopo. Hope enopjopoyopsop usopinopgop Gopoogoplope topo lopookop upop inoptoperopesoptopinopgop fopacoptopsop abopoutop loponopgop wopalopkopsop onop tophope bopeacophop.





Otophoperop bopookopsop bopyop Coporopyop Dopocoptoporopowop:



A Poplopacope Sopo Foporopeigopnop anopdop Eigophoptop Moporope

- sophoporoptop soptoporopyop copoloplopecoptopionop, foporoptophopcopomopinopgop fopropomop Fopourop Wopaloplopsop Eigophoptop Wopinopdopowopsop inop fopaloplop 2003, wopitophop anop inoptopropodopucoptopionop bopyop Bopropucope Soptoperoplopinopgop


Esopsopenoptopialop Boplopogopgopinopgop, O'Ropeiloplopyop anopdop Asopsopocopiatopesop, 2002

- wopitophop Ropaelop Doporopnopfopesoptop, Jop. Sopcopotoptop Jopohopnopsoponop, Sophopeloplopeyop Popowoperopsop, Bopenopjopamopinop Topropotoptop anopdop Mopenopa Gop. Topropotoptop


Tophope Copomoppoplopetope Idopiotop'sop Gopuidope topo Popuboplopisophopinopgop Sopcopienopcope Fopicoptopionop, Aloppophopa Bopookopsop, 2000

- copo-wopropitoptopenop wopitophop Koparoplop Sopcophopropoedoperop





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