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Opish Remix of Down And Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow




A Note About this Remix


This remix translates Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

    • by Cory Doctorow into Opish, a children's language comparable to Pig Latin. Opish is essentially English with the letters "op" added after every consonant. For example, Disney World becomes Dopisopnopeyop Woporoplopdop in Opish.


Many children and some adults can converse rapidly in Opish. Anyone who can read English can read Opish, but the language exists to be spoken. Ideally, this remix would be read aloud to an Opish-speaking audience. You're free to do this and much more under the CreativeCommonsLicense which the original novel and this remix are released under. Musicians are especially encouraged to remix this remix, as Opish is a catchy and rhythmic language.


The Opish title is Dopowopnop anopdop Outop inop tophope Mopagopicop Kopinopgopdopomop** and the author's Opish name is Coporopyop Dopocopotoporopowop.


June 2005, New York


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow




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